We influence our landscape just as it influences us.

Accultured Landscapes

Camaros Less N42 and N40 C143131 wmk flt
Cemetery A2660716
Handley Crescent C167077
Hydro Tower and Snow C066126
Three Towers C1740354
New Hydro Tower in Field
Auto Wrecking Yard in Oshawa C143159
Landfill D0780725
wrecking yard C213091
Power Line Island C1640645
Petrie Island East Beach C1740072
Tree Island C1640625
Pink Lagoon C2530118
Melting Ice Ottawa River D0770822
Wave Pool C232178
Camaros Less N42 and N40 C143131

Camaros - Less N42 & N40 N 43.51.24 W 78.52.05 Oshawa Ontario Canada

LOUIS HELBIG aerial art photography

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