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CityTV Edmonton

Interview about the Beautiful Destruction Alberta Tar/Oil Sands project


Aurora Interview
Joined such "leading thinkers and writers" as Leonard Cohen, William Golding, John Ralston Saul, Francis Fukuyama,
& John Kenneth Galbraith for the Athabasca University Aurora series of interviews.

CTV Documentary with Joel Haslam, Regional Contact
See Louis Helbig fly his aircraft over the Sunken Villages


2012 publications

2012 saw a number of appearances in critical Canadian art publications including a portfolio in Prefix Photo, an article and photo essay in OnSite Review and a photo essay in Banff Centre for the Arts' Boulderpavement


latest media

Ottawa Citizen

CTV Ottawa Morning


CBC Ottawa Morning


Sunken Villages

The next Sunken Villages exhibition is scheduled for Sept - Nov 2013 at the Marianne van Silfhout Public Gallery at St Lawrence College in Brockville, ON, Canada.

Working with the Lost Villages Historical Society the voices of those affected by the St Lawrence Seaway Project will be

included in the exhibition.

Anyone interested in participating is encouraged to contact Louis Helbig at 613 263 0264

Alberta Tar/Oil Sands Art Book

A high quality art photo book of images from the Beautiful Destruction series is presently (Dec 2012) being

compiled for publication in 2013.

This art oriented book, with text contributions from individuals of varying opinion & different insights into the development in Northern Alberta, will - with its imagery - be designed to address & overcome the polarities & anamosities that presently confound it.



SPAO (School of Photographic Arts Ottawa)

Louis Helbig will be teaching two winter term courses January - March 2013

Art Photography & Imagination: Understanding Ourselves & Each Other

Digital Photography I: Foundation

For more information & registration contact SPAO at 168 Dalhousie Str, Ottawa, ON, 613 562 3824 spao.ca


LOUIS HELBIG aerial photography
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photo essays  Prefix Photo

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