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Bare Trees and Ice B101040
Bare Trees and Ice B101040
Bare Trees and Ice B101040
Bare Trees and Ice B101040
Bare Trees and Ice B101040
Bare Trees and Ice B101040
Bare Trees and Ice B101040
Bare Trees and Ice B101040
Bare Trees and Ice B101040

"stunning aerial photos." CBC TV News

Bitu-Man "almost looks like a Monet. ... The debate you've started up is incredible." Edmonton Citytv, Breakfast Television

Helbig's sunken villages photos "look like modern art images." CBC Radio

Helbig "finds stunningly beautiful subject matter, art photography whose message is in the eye of the beholder." CTV

Beautiful Destruction. "It's amazing work. It's beautiful and it's tragic all at once. It's something else." Live Eighty Eight Five, Ottawa.


National Public Radio (NPR), North Country Public Radio (March 13, 2013)

Aerial photos reveal Ontario communities flooded 50 years. Todd Moe in Canton, NY

Ottawa, ON, Mar 13, 2013 It's been more than 50 years since Inundation Day -- July 1, 1958, when ten Ontario communities along the St. Lawrence were purposefully flooded and 6,500 people relocated so the St. Lawrence Seaway could come into being. This spring, an Ottawa photographer will be collecting stories about the so-called "sunken villages" - that handful of Canadian villages have been hidden under the St. Lawrence Seaway for over 50 years.

Todd Moe talks with Ottawa aerial photographer Louis Helbig about his "Sunken Villages" project of photos of the lost communities between Cornwall and Prescott, Ontario. For the last few years, Helbig has arranged exhibitions of his birds-eye-view of the underwater remnants of houses and streets. Now, he's looking for stories and family histories to accompany the photos.

interview audio clip


CBC Radio Ottawa Morning (February 25, 2013)

Since the 1950s, a handful of villages have been hidden under the St Lawrence Seaway for over 50 years. We’ll hear how aerial photographs are bringing back their memory back to the surface.

Ottawa Morning host Hallie Cotnam interviews Louis Helbig about his Sunken Villages project of aerial art photos of the lost villages between Cornwall and Prescott, Ontario.

live interview audio clip


Ottawa Sun, Now Open, with Denis Armstrong (Sept 20, 2012)

Ottawa Sun entertainment reporter Denis Armstrong interviews Louis Helbig about FestivalX at Alteriors Contemporary Furniture, the site of his Exterior. Interior. Alterior. exhibition for Ottawa's 2012 Photography FestivalX. It is one of Denis Armstrong's recommendations of things to do in the coming days.


CTV Ottawa Morning Live, interview with Lianne Laing (Sept 21, 2012)

Photographer Louis Helbig dropped by CTV Morning Live to discuss Festival X. The festival is held at Saint Brigid's Centre for the Arts until September 30th. Louis' exhibition is at Alteriors, 1304 Wellington Street.
see live interview video


CBC Radio Ottawa Morning (February 3, 2012)

The Oilsands as Art: Alberta's oilsands have been described as dirty, booming and big. But Ottawa-based aerial photographer Louis Helbig's latest exhibit, Beautiful Destruction shows them from a different viewpoint: through the lense of a camera one thousand feet up.

Ottawa Morning guest host Amanda Pfeffer interviews Louis Helbig about the new "Beautiful Destruction Alberta Tar Sands" exhibition running Feb 2 - April 12, 2012 at the Corridor and Chambers' Galleries in Almonte, ON.

live interview audio clip

Citytv, Thursday, January 5, 2012
Breakfast Television Edmonton with Ryan Jespersen
Beautiful Destruction

The oilsands are a subject for tireless debate and discussion. But as debates are getting increasingly polarized, are civil, balanced discussions slipping away?

watch the live interview in QuickTime


CTV TV, Sunday, November 20, 2011
Regional Contact with Joel Haslam
Aerial Art - Louis Helbig

When it comes to photography, Louis Helbig prefers a birds-eye view. He takes pictures through the window of his 1946 Luscombe, a two-seater airplane which he flies above Canada's vast landscape. The award-winning photographer produces large format images of a variety of subject matter relating to history, nature, recreation and the environment. His limited edition prints are available to purchase. Louis continues to host public speaking engagements and exhibitions across the country.

See the 12 minutes documentary on CTV's website


HGTV TV, Tuesday, November 23, 2011
Sarah's House with Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe
Season 4 Episode 12 Rec Room

Beach Volleyball Tournament and Camaros Less N40 and N42 were featured in Sarah's House HGTV's reality home renovation show. The framed prints were provided courtesy of Canvas Gallery in Toronto.

See the episode (to zip to the clip featuring Louis Helbig's work click on 15:00 minutes)


CBC Radio Ontario Morning, Friday May 6, 2011

Live Interview with host Wei Chen about the Sunken Villages exhibition

live interview audio clip


CBC TV News Ottawa Late Night, April 7, 2011

News Anchor Adrian Harewood

"For our Night Cap we visited an art exhibition in the city tonight. These stunning aerial photos were taken by local photographer Louis Helbig. If you want to get a closer look at his pictures they will be on display at the Shanghai Restaurant on Somerest Street in Chinatown until May 7th."

To see the news clip of the exhibition click here and go to the end of the newscast.


CBC Radio Ottawa Morning (January 21, 2011)

Louis Helbig interview by Friday's Ottawa Morning Show Host Hallie Cotnam about "Aerial Abstractions" at Exposure Gallery.


Live 88.5 (Nov 8, 2010), Interview on the Live 88.5 Startup in Ottawa, ON.

Interview with Katfish Morgan with and the Live 88.5 Start Up morning show crew's Amal Wahab and David Schellenburg.

interview audio clip


Terra Informa Radio Program at the University of Alberta Feature Interview: Louis Helbig’s Birds Eye View of the Tar Sands. Terra Informa Radio Program (June 6, 2010) Edmonton. by Marcus Peterson


CBC Ottawa (April 21, 2009), Interview on All in a Day. Adrian Harewood.

Described the images of Beautiful Destruction as "stunning."

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